#casafreela was born from a partnership between @CasadoPaiJorge and grupofreela and seeks a fluid debate on specific topics, informally and with a very open mind.

We connect people from different markets, listening to their opinions on matters that can help in the way they act, give a new vision in their corporate universe or base their discussions at the Christmas table.

Episodes to fill you with arguments and form your own opinion on questions that you already had a hunch (or not), now within #freelacast!

Access in the main platforms:

Spotify: https://bit.ly/freelacast-spotify
Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/freelacast-soundcloud
Deezer: https://bit.ly/freelacast-deezer
Youtube: http://bit.ly/youtube-freelacast
Site: http://freelacast.grupofreela.com

Em breve nos falamos!