Website - Mubox


Mubox is a 100%-online accounting firm, offering prices affordable to small and medium business that do need a help in accounting services.

We kicked it off by developing the brand’s entire visual identity, and move on until achieving the editorial tone and brand persona used in the monthly management of content in their social media.

Recently, we delivered their first and brand-new website, starting from scratch and based on the trust resulting from all the work we have been doing.

Everything was developed in html5, aiming to produce a light, responsive result that may be adapted to different resolutions, with a proprietary administrative panel for content management.

We opted to use the one-page format, aiming at providing easy-to-find information and showcasing the services provided by Mubox, as well as prices charged, also facilitating the request for a business incorporation and/or change of the accountant in charge.

Aren’t you curious to check the result?

Access and take a look!

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