Project - Equilibrium Rotary Card


In partnership with Rotary Club de Santos Ponta da Praia, we created a game inspired by the classics of the 2000s, about the search for balance in the different aspects of life to encourage children and adolescents in public schools and also in care centers of various social, philanthropic and shelter entities to invest in their professional and personal training, finding alternative and unique paths for their own lives.

The goal is to raise awareness on the possibilities available for their development as human being and use this to their benefit. We developed and managed the whole initial idea, the game mechanics, its texts, arts and even the final printing of this UNIQUE project that we had the honor to collaborate on.

Soon the game will begin to be distributed and should be available to Municipal Departments, Councils for the Rights and Protective Council, Creative Villages, Shelters, Municipal Schools and Educational, Caring and Philanthropic Projects from Baixada Santista and Region.

What a project, huh?

Em breve nos falamos!