7 years - Seu Miyagi Sushi


Black Belt celebrated 7 years in 2019. And, to celebrate this more-than-special moment, Shichi Fukujin was thought, planned and designed. These are the SEVEN gods of luck, fortune and happiness that guide the restaurant to be always the BLACK BELT OF JAPANESE GASTRONOMY.
A brief explanation on each of them can be found below.
BENZAITEN - Represents art and delicacy, and this is the way we view the mounting and presentation of our dishes.
BISHAMONTEN - God of war, the guardian and distributor of the treasury, i.e., Buddha's teachings, as we value seamless training and follow-up that everyone follows to maintain the Seu Miyagi Sushi standard.

DAIKOKUTEN - He holds a wooden hammer in his hand, which represents the work, and the gold coins that fall with each movement. Our reward is the restaurant’s journey built so far, with hard work and hammers!

EBISU - The God of Sincerity. Represents honesty. He is represented in the fish man figure as he always carries a bowl and a fishing rod. Some say that he never gives the fish, but rather teaches how to fish. Here, we cherish respect! We want to collaborate more and more to ensure the good competition in the market.

JUROJIN - This is the God of Wisdom and is commonly represented as a white-beard old man wearing a hat and holding a cane. He just allows death to get closer someone when the individual is ready to evolve spiritually. Each thing in its right time, one Dan at a time! ;)

HOTEI - Is the Lord of Magnanimity, human generosity. He is always smiling, always in good humor and this is why he brings health and happiness, as he is always pleased with what he has. According to this belief, he scares away all worries.

FUKUROKUJU - Is the God of Longevity. His name is made up by fuku (happiness, fortune), roku (wealth) and ju (long-life) ideograms. May many years come!


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